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spareknet Customized CPanel Solutions

Welcome to (spair ik net dot ô-rg).

This website is a place you can go to for customized CPanel administrative solutions. Through my experience and knowledge of CPanel and Linux based web server, my hope is to provide you with guides, articles, and other information that may be useful in your own administrative tasks.

The guides and information here are geared mainly towards CPanel based servers. This is where I have most of my experience. The information here may work with other hosting control panels or may be easily translated into another hosting panel, but I really cannot make any guarantees. CPanel itself is not a complete administrative solution. In fact, CPanel is just a collection of useful tools that system administrators can use to make their work easier. This means that you still need to be able to administer your server.

This website has just been brought online and I am still in the process of collecting all of the necessary data and organizing it for web viewing. As time goes on, other services may be added.

As a note, I just noticed this website does not work with Internet Explorer. I'll look into this, but it works fine in FireFox and Opera and its validated at W3C. I'm assuming its just one of those things where Internet Explorer likes to use their own "standards".